How The Ruby Started

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I get a lot of questions about the name behind The Ruby Project and my why?

In 2016 I lost my mother suddenly. My mother (like many) had a tragic past and as a result, a deep level of brokenness we did not recognize.  Mother spent forty-two years in a physically and mentally dysfunctional and very abusive relationship. 

Like myself, mom was a survivor of sexual abuse, it was unnatural to discuss the private things that went on in our home (airing our dirty laundry they would say).  As a result, the abuse was minimized as "the norm".

My mother was a drop-dead gorgeous, culturally-mixed fireball.  Sadly, not having "a safe home life" of her own, she repeated her abuse with her little girls (my sister and I).

When I left home at the age of 17, I tried to leave the past behind. What brought me back? Initially a job in Milpitas, CA, but after I dedicated my life to Christ, love. The volatile relationship between mother I ended when my mother accepted Christ in (2006.) During that time we developed a healthier version of a mother and daughter relationship. It was at that point that I fully understood that the Word of God could transform anyone, at any time. I forgave.

When my mother passed away, my life went into a tailspin and I hit a brick wall.

After, getting the help I needed, working on my own challenges, recalling the late-night talks with my mother, learning more about her sharing her life, her walk, her story. My heart hurt for her.  Mom never got help for her abuse, she was never truly free. No one came to her rescue. She just gave up and had an undefined image of love. 

What could have helped her? She did not have the resources or knowledge of how to move forward, to elevate her position. I saw repeatable parallels made and I heard the call to help others change their narrative. 

Mom pleaded that she loved dad, but dad failed to protect her, love her and when he passed away in February 2016, he left her empty in so many ways. 


Mother passed away on March 25, 2016, and I picked up the pieces and grabbed the torch vowing to take on the fight of my life, and to help others alike (just as mother wanted). Memories were unlocked (suppressed trauma, as the journey of rebirth, would follow) and the warrior within me would emerge.

I dedicate this ministry, The Ruby Project (those who were close to her called her Ruby) in loving memory of my mother Noreen (Ruby) Elizabeth Robinson-Rodriguez. A woman I grew to love again, sadly her life ended too soon.

I also dedicate this ministry to the rubies in this world, survivors of childhood abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and those in need of direction, love, and a voice to intercede for them.

God gives us beauty from ashes. 

(Isaiah 61:3) I said, here I am Lord, send me!

You are not alone.



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