Become an Agent of Change


experience sexual assault or domestic violence at some point in their lives.

1 IN 6 MEN

experience sexual abuse before the age of 18.


who come forward say no one helped them.

By educating ourselves and becoming an agent of change we leverage technology and social media.

With local agencies, we develop innovative approaches to treat trauma and inform the public of hard-facts as well as misconceived views of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse.  We are equally passionate about rebuilding healthy behaviors in families starting with the parental role that ultimately impacts all children. We are dedicated to our Christian-faith and driven to ignite positive changes in our community.

Our leadership participates in task-force teams and justice centers from a legal platform as we deepen our knowledge with local agencies in order to reform and advance policies and legislation on the city, state, and federal levels.  We hope to share the voices of sexual assault survivors and push for policy changes together.

We can all help by advising legislators and policymakers, writing letters, engaging with news and social platforms. Hosting awareness events about our cause, and educating our community through social media platforms along with community campaigns, and technology are ways we can advocate for change.

More Ways You Can Help

Online Education:
-  Life Skills/Self-Care
-  Sexual Abuse/Domestic Abuse
-  Human Trafficking

Also, learn how your church can volunteer and become an agent of change.

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for providing support to launch our programs and community outreach.

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